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What is the Difference Between Maintenance and Repair

No one likes a vehicle breakdown.

Stuck by the side of the road, car will not start , a ticket for non functional lamps and the worst senario a large repair bill. Most of these conditions are preventable by using a maintenance program. Changing your fluids will help prevent taransmission failure, brake failure. Just getting a routine inspection on a regular basis is the perfect preventable maintenance program. The manufacurers of your vehicle have a maintenance schedule for your vehicle that comes with your owners manual, following that schedule and getting that routine check will allow you to have a car that is safe and performs properly when needed.

Below are a couple of services that should be performed regularly. Ask your service writer for more information on a maintenance schedule specifically for your vehicle

Maintenance Services

Here are only a few of our many services available.

While your vehicle is in for service have one of our ASE certified technicians give your car a look over. We offer a safety inspection that can let you know of any trouble heading your way.

Transmission Service

The old way of changing your transmission fluid was to remove the pan and replace the filter, pretty much just  removing the fluid found in the bottom of the pan, on most cars changing possibly four quarts of transmission fluid. Why mix old fluid with new, what if your transmission does not have a pan. Enter the age of new technology, using a machine to exchange all the fluid in your vehicle at once. You will be astounded by the difference in the way your transmission shifts after the service. Call now for a appointment.

Brake Fluid Flush
One of the most overlooked services in the history of maintenance. Brake fluid is hydroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture. Dot rated brake fluid boils at about 400 degrees, just 18 months after new brake flid can contain up to 2 % moisture and the boiling point can drop almost 100 degrees. Almost all manufacturers recomend brake fluid flushing service.

Service Warranty Options

Do you have a extended warranty?

We service nearly all extended warranty contracts.

Extended warranties can save you money on repairs by extending the warranty of your vehicle. When you arrive at Hillerich's Car Care let our advisors know you have a extended warranty. We will contact the warranty company directly and handle the paper work necessary to get your car back in the minimum amount of time. We will always make sure that your vehicle in repaired  to the highest standards. Call today for a appointment.

Struts & Shocks

One of the most overlooked parts of your car, the shocks or struts.

When your car is new you expect proper handling, proper tire wear and safety. As your car gets older the handling degrades, tires wear out  but most people have forgotton how their car drove when new and do not notice. Most shock and stut manufacturers have tested the longevity of factory shoscks and struts and have found that around 50 to 60 thousand miles the shocks or struts are due for replacement. Let Hillerich's Car Care  inspect your shocks or struts. Call for a appointment today.